Frequently Asked Questions

There are many businesses out there who are not aware of the finer points of translation and localization; we have learned that people often don’t know about what a quality translator can offer his customers. Therefore, we have put together a list on this page that contains a number of questions frequently asked by customers and potential translation buyers.

Why should I hire a graduate translator? Isn't anybody who speaks a foreign language perfectly qualified for translation?

What about online translation services? Many of them are free!

Is the graduate translator qualified to translate in my field of expertise?

Will the completed translation have the quality I expect?

I received a much cheaper quote from another translator for a new project. Why should I opt for CAF?

What are the benefits of contacting a freelance translator instead of a larger translation agency?

I want to place a larger localization project into multiple languages. Is CAF capable of handling that, too?

I need a translation done overnight/over the weekend. Is that possible at all?

The documents I need translated are strictly confidential. Is Christian Alkemper trustworthy?

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to contact us.