Pearson Education Deutschland

Pearson Education Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of Pearson PLC, a globally operating media and publishing group. For more than ten years, Pearson Education Deutschland has been one of the leading publishers of computer books in the German-speaking markets. The group comprises the publishers Markt+Technik and Addison Wesley, to name a few.

The following lists some of the major titles translated for Pearson Education by CAF. There have been more books, for example, on networking, operating systems, programming languages, and databases.

Cisco Networking Academy Program

Cisco Networking Academy Program

These books were authorized by Cisco as companion guides to the curriculum of their networking education initiative and for preparing the CCNA certification. The series includes two textbooks and two exercise books. The first and second editions were translated in 2002; in 2005, a third updated edition was published.

In 2007, Cisco abandoned the old companion books and had new books written that are currently being translated by Christian Alkemper. The first volume, Network Fundamentals, has already been released; the remaining parts will follow until mid 2009.

The Java Tutorial

“Das Java-Tutorial”

Providing a practical introduction into the Java programming language, this book is the perfect companion for every developer who wants to learn Java SE. It was written by members of the Java Software Team at Sun Microsystems. The book pursues an interactive approach and includes very realistic exercises, imparting practical skills and usable expertise. Published in 2007.

PHP 5 & MySQL 5 Kompendium

“PHP 5 & MySQL 5 Kompendium”

This award-winning bestseller includes everything you ever need for programming web applications with PHP 5 & MySQL 5—from a quick start into the scripting language and the database to complex apps like a web-mailing client, online stores, and CMS. Published in 2005.

The Maximum Security Books

“Hacker's Guide”

The definitive books on Internet and networking security—written by an author calling himself “anonymous” who himself is a hacker breed. Christian Alkemper translated Der neue Hacker’s Guide (Maximum Security. Second Edition, 2001), Der neue Linux Hacker’s Guide (Maximum Linux Security, 2001) and the new and updated edition just called Hacker’s Guide (Maximum Security. Third Edition, 2003).

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