Our Services

Services provided by CAF include the following:


We offer technical and general translations in the following language combinations:

Requests for other combinations are accepted, too—we’ll scout out the appropriate translator for your desired languages and areas.

Source texts need to be supplied in machine-readable form. The file format must be agreed upon ahead of time, before we start our work. We will perform the actual translation process under strict observance of the agreed upon deadline and will deliver our translations in the form you requested.

Software Localization

Today, businesses interested in marketing their software cannot go without localizing their graphical user interfaces or the documentation. This applies not only to language-specific factors, as non-linguistic aspects are playing an increasingly important role.

We offer you one-stop localization solutions. It does not matter whether only single components of your software or the entire package including the documentation is to be rendered in the target language. Compliance with the relevant terminologies and standards of common operating systems (MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux) as well as the use of widespread DTP software and translation environments for quality control is ensured.

Localization of Media Files

We also do full localization of audio files or video soundtracks in our professional recording studio. For this purpose, we hire experienced speakers for your localized texts. The recordings will then be produced by a qualified audio engineer who completed the renowned SAE (School of Audio Engineering) program. Editing and any required adjustments to the footage files are performed at the studio, too.


We proofread texts of any kind—from translations produced by other LSPs (language-service providers) to texts written by authors who are capable of producing factually perfect documents but lack the appropriate linguistic style or precise technical jargon or tone. We verify spelling and punctuation as well as potential cultural inappropriateness (the so-called text-external factors).